Criminal Barrister

When do you Need the Services of a Criminal Barrister?

A criminal barrister is a specialist legal adviser having a specialisation in criminal law. They are specially trained as courtroom advocates having the right skills to provide expert advice on any matter falling under the prejudice of criminal law. Criminal barristers have their self practice whereby they are free to advise their clients on the strengths as well as weaknesses of their criminal cases. Normally, a criminal barrister is not a part of any firm of solicitors.

There are several domains falling under the purview of criminology that need the help of a criminal barrister. A crime could have been done in an organised way or even in an unorganised way. The criminal cases may fall under the domain of white collar crimes such as fraud and money laundering, heinous crimes such as murder and sexual offences, Drug offences is another important area that needs the help of an expert criminal barrister.

The main problem with criminal cases is due to the fact that many times an innocent person gets caught in the act without any fault of his own. During the trial, he is not able to defend himself due to the lack of legal knowledge about presenting and proving himself innocent and not guilty. Under the trial of the court, an innocent person may get punished, if not defended by a qualified and expert criminal barrister.


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