Work Injuries 2

The Most Important Legal Aspects of Work Injuries

Lately, more news comes into public attention about the producing of various accidents and damages, with important consequences, that are most often very serious. They usually happen due to lack of available funds in company, employers who avoid spending large sums to prevent accidents. Also they are due because of their ignorance and indifference to employee safety. The economic crisis has been the cause for more people to accept poor working conditions, the lack of any safeguards in terms of safety issues. The employers and employees should and must be informed of the main aspects that involve the production of a work accident.

Work Injuries

If the event is among the victims and workers of other employers, the event will be communicated to them by the employer and employers that the event occurred. The employer shall also take the necessary measures in order not to change the status quo resulting from the event, pending agreement on the part of conducting research. These measures are taken unless the maintenance of this state would generate the occurrence of other events, such aggravate injured or would endanger the lives of workers and other participants in the work process.

Injury at work is defined by law as being an accident that led to the death or injury of the body, produced during the work or in the performance of duty, situation of missing persons, a route or traffic accident, while involving persons employed, a dangerous incident and if likely occupational disease or work-related.


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