Landlord Tenant Advice

Landlord Tenant Advice

It was only a matter of time…..a CURRENT tenant/DIY landlord would have trouble with a CURRENT tenant of theirs and ask for my help.

I am not concerned that they did not ask ME to manage their current rental home that is in an adjacent county a year ago when they started renting from me. They had been rental residents in the area for a year prior so how they leased and managed their local rental home was not an issue.

Tenant Advice

However, when I got his e-mail yesterday asking me to CALL HIM so he could PICK MY BRAIN (my words – not his) I chuckled….

He filed for the eviction (unlawful detainer in many states) in late May and had his return court date on Tuesday. His tenant/defendant must still have her internet access because she took the common PRO TENANT stall tactic of asking for a Bill of Particulars and a court TRIAL date.

The Bill of Particulars is just a SCARY name for an outline of what is he thinks is owed and is a court form available online that needs to be completed and sent to the Defendant and the court….no biggie.

Now my DIYLandlord/tenant wants the name of my attorney……OK! NOW, THIS gets into my business! Yes, I have an attorney. I file all of my legal court paperwork in my corporate name and if and when there is a need for a TRIAL, I arrange the trial date around his calendar AVOID DATES (meaning I have called him the date of the RETURN DATE court appearance, gotten the dates he is NOT available and marked them on my calendar so that I can schedule with the court/judge and defendant If a trial is needed). My attorney knows that I know what I am doing in this process.

It will be an interesting conversation when we talk. He has gotten himself into a DEEP HOLE and I suspect he is STILL SHOVELING!

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